International Christian Film Festival

The International Christian Film Festival will take place on Sunday October 2, 2016 at The Woodbridge Community Church located at 5000 Barranca Parkway, Irvine, CA 92604.The Festival starts at 2pm. Admission is $10.

Film Festival Schedule:

2 pm // Gloriavale (50 min) // Best Foriegn Film
– Life in a strict and isolated community in New Zealand
violence: none - language: light

3 pm // Brotherhood (5 min) // Best Animated Film
– A young boy must take the role of man of the house.
violence: none - language: none

3:10pm // Frozen Chosen (72 min) // Best Evangelical Film
– Young couple attempts a attempts a church plant in a secular area of Boston. violence: none  - language: moderate

4:20pm // Wrestling in Yida (8 min) // Best Christian Education Film
– Survival in a Sudanese Refugee Camp
violence:light - language: none

4:35pm // The Atheist Delusion (62 min) // Best Science Film
– Proving the existence of God to atheists.
violence: none - language: light

5:40pm // Christmas Crib (6 min) // Best Family Film
– Improvised materials make a walk through Nativity in Goa, India
violence: none - language: none

5:50pm // Our Last Stand – Syria 58 min // Best Documentary
– Christians defending their faith in Syria and Iraq.
violence: heavy - language: moderate