We are accepting film submissions for the 2019 film festival. If you have a film that you would like to submit please do so through WithoutaboxFilmFreeway or  FilmFestaRoo.

Congratulations to the winners at the 2018 International Christian Film Festival!

Best Family Film
"One Nation Under God"

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Story of a poor Christian boy that gets to attend a wealthy secular high school and how he deals with matters when his faith is not welcomed there.

Best Music Film
Music video that shows a young man that deals with  the people that hurt him through forgiveness.


Best Science Fiction Film
"Daily Bread Series"

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A solar flare knocks out satellites creating disasters all over the world. A small group must deal with an outside world that has been thrown into chaos.

Best Romance Film
"First Love"
A story of a young woman who was wandered from God and  her return to Him illustrated as a love story.


Best Drama

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Story of a military chaplain and his family having to deal with his PTSD after being in the war in Iraq and how their faith helped them overcome it.

Best Documentary
"I Believe in Freedom"
The story of human trafficking in the nation of Mozambique and the ministry that is reaching out the them. 

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